Connecting Cultures & Communities
Cidrines Bakery's Expansion
A Client Success Story

🔎 Overview 

As a company dedicated to driving success for our clients, we are proud to share the story of our client, Cidrines Bakery, and their recent expansion into Central Florida. The goal was to connect with both the Puerto Rican and broader Hispanic communities in the region.


🌞 The Opportunity

Cidrines, a Puerto Rican bakery, aimed to announce the opening of a new facility in Central Florida, reaching beyond the Puerto Rican community. The objective was to provide fresh baked goods to point-of-sale locations, appealing to all Hispanic customers in the area.

🌐 Our Strategy
  1. Hold evaluation meetings with Cidrines to understand the importance of their brand as a symbol of Puerto Rican culture and tradition.
  2. Develop a public relations campaign targeting the Central Florida Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities, promoting the new facility and Cidrines’ fresh products.
  3. Craft a targeted PR plan to engage Hispanic media outlets (both Spanish and English) in Central Florida and Puerto Rico, with continuous adjustments as needed.
  4. Monitor and report on PR activities and outcomes.

🎯 Execution

Over a two-month period, we implemented a comprehensive PR plan that included:

  • Creating a targeted media list in Central Florida and Puerto Rico.
  • Developing and distributing press releases, fact sheets, and leadership bios.
  • Following up with media and journalists to secure coverage and manage interviews for the facility’s opening.
🎉 Results

Our campaign generated fantastic results for Cidrines, with 14 media hits featuring interviews and appearances on prominent Central Florida and Puerto Rican channels (radio, TV, and online). We’re thrilled with the increased visibility and the connections they’ve made in these communities, and we look forward to supporting their continued growth and success.

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